How To Make Your Life's Purpose Profitable!
Turn Your Talents Into Profit 
“People don't buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” 
- Simon Sinek
YES! I am beyond ready to get paid for my transformative work and to be found by those who want what I have to offer. I know my work will have a tremendous impact on the world at large and I'm 100% committed to making it happen.
I understand that when I ACT NOW, I get instant access to the Authentic Business Road Map which includes an actionable worksheet that will help me discover:

  • How to find my purpose 
  • How to use my purpose to create a business
  • How my story create's a safe space for people to bond with me
  • How to be found by the right people & paid for my purpose
  • How to create a simple process to guide them through
  • How to create an authentic product that people will pay for
I Also Understand That When I ACT NOW, I Will Also Learn...

  • Secret #1: How a PLATFORM makes me VISIBLE, RELEVANT and RELATABLE to those I am here to serve
  • Secret #2: How a TRUST FUNNEL will allow people to get to know, like and trust me

If the Authentic Business Road Map doesn't show me how create a 
purpose-driven business and how to get paid for my life's work, then I understand that I will receive a complete refund - No Questions Asked!

I understand that this amazing insight 
is valued at $199...
But, when I act now I understand that I'm receiving these actionable steps to create a life I don't need a vacation from for ONLY $7
Sending you lots of transformational success...  Derek Hendricks
P.S. - Every minute you wait to get "Authentic Business Experience" is another minute You can spend rest of your days chasing clients or you can start having them show up naturally, the choice is yours!

P.P.S. - But don't just take my word for it... take a look at these 

I worked with Derek for over a year and during that time frame my business has grown, my confidence grown and I have set plan in place of how to grow my business, that was tailor to my personality and what I needed to be successful. I am so excited to continue on my journey and with my life purpose I highly recommend consulting with him if you want what's is necessary to grow as person and your business.
Thersea Schmidtman ~  Minnesota
Oh my gosh, Derek taught me how to position my webinar in a way that truly connected to my audience. After I implemented Derek’s coaching, after my first webinar, I received two sales, money in pocket. I couldn’t believe it. He knows what he’s doing and working with him produces a quick ROI.
Jennifer Kahtz ~ Phoenix  
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