My Core Beliefs 
Instead of telling you all the things that sound important like growing a 40 million dollar company out of a small apartment, creating multiple millionaires along the way with no college degree and no real training on how to do that. I thought it would be more important for you to know what I stand for and believe in.  

Time is the most valuable commodity we have on this planet. Who you spend your time with will shape in part who you become. 

As Yoda said: “choose wisely you must”.

My hope is that by spending time with each other our friendship will naturally grow in unison with our business relationship. I am here to serve you to your highest potential.  

I have found out that the people I get along with the best are those whom share a lot of the same “beliefs” as me - or at bare minimum we have quite a few in common. I have found that part of growing myself is being open and willing to listen to other people’s ideas and ways of thinking. This gives me the chance to decide whether or not it resonates with me. Either way, it’s another person’s perspective of the world and I respect that. 

But the fact of the matter is - I like really kool people, how about you?

Ghandi said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

My Vision 
I see people as teachers, students and fellow travelers to those in front of them and that hat can change in a split second in the same conversation and it is those that have this knowledge and understand how to use it; who have truly found the reason they exist so that they can show up to serve those people who are just a few steps behind them in any fascite of life.
I see people changing this world one by one which will lead to global change. By awakening people to their greatest purpose creates personal awareness and true freedom of choice. By people choosing to lead themselves first it will show others around them it can be done and that change is possible. By changing lives it creates global awareness and bonds people who believe in the same values and that is an unstoppable force.  

 Jim Carrey said "The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.

My Movement 
I am here to mentor people who want to create a purpose driven business and a living brand so that they can have a platform to speak from which delivers their message to those who need and want it. It creates the change they want to see in this world, in their own special way. By making yourself visible, relevant and relatability to those you are here to serve; you can attract and teach others how to live a better life. By taking your knowledge, your experiences and mixing in your story (all your trials and tribulations) creates a positioning for yourself as an expert. By doing this you will be able to touch those lives your were meant to; creating the very change you want to see and that changes our planet for the better! A benefit of this is you get that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. The best part is you get paid for the value you bring to this world and those feelings are priceless! 
Never in history has there been a better time to do this; than there is right now.  

Your story, your purpose they matter and you are here to change people's lives for the better! Don’t waste anymore time thinking about it because you only have so much time left time~ and that is ticking away everyday.   

Your simple choice is to decided if you are wanting to impact your own life and the world during your time left on this planet?  

Be your message! 

 To work with Elon Musk, Leonardo Dicaprio and Richard Branson to help change our planet’s outcome. 
 To get invited to stay on Necker island as a guest of Richards not as a paying client.   
Rewrite~~ Travel to foreign countries to teach them English at the local school, that way they have the knowledge and ability to communicate with rest of the world
My WHY~ I exist to serve by inspiring people to their highest good! 
I have a been given the gift of helping people figure out what their true purpose is on this planet, who they are here to serve and how to make money doing it. I love mentoring entrepreneurs, because it’s about the lives I will never touch ~ because only they can. This allows me to be present and truly focus on the people I AM meant to serve. Look around, there are no shortages of people who are lost in this world who could use some guidance! Are you one of them? 

What’s in it for me ~  
Well, it’s quite simple. I believe in people even when they don’t and love connecting with them deeply and having philosophical conversations that leads to them sharing their story. That’s where the magic is for me. And when I am serving the people and contributing to society for the betterment of humanity, it makes me feel really good inside. As a bonus for me, it just comes naturally and I walk away feeling humbled and grateful which are two the best feelings I get to have in this human body bag.  
I love taking in what I have learned from others; trying it on and seeing what fits and what doesn’t. Change is one of the only guarantees in life, and instead of fighting it I have choose to have a growth mindset. I love learning about cultures (both past and present) and how they live their lives and what they believe in and how that affects our my life and the world today. 
Lastly, I love new experiences and going after what my spirit desires to get out of my time while on this planet. Experiences keep me alive and excited about what’s around the corner. And let’s not kid each other, some of those experiences cost money and I desire to have some fun too, well actually a lot of fun~ not to mention a roof over my head and food on the table as well~ luckily I am minimalist! 

I love taking in what I have learned from others; trying it on and seeing what fits and what doesn’t. I grow every time. I love learning about cultures (both past and present) and how they live their lives and what they believe in. 

Lastly, I love new experiences and going after what my spirit desires to get out of my time while on this planet. Experiences keep me alive and excited about what’s around the corner. And let’s not kid each other, some of those experiences cost money and I desire to have some fun too - not to mention a roof over my head and food on the table as well. 

So with that being said…

If you would like to read more about my story and get some insight on how I got to this moment of my journey, you will find a link on my home page. 

Fair enough? 

“Courage is being yourself every day in a world that tells you to be someone else.” Author unknown.

First things first, don’t lie to yourself. You are becoming someone everyday and you have a choice on who that someone is. 

How you ask

Well it’s all based on your thoughts, the decisions you make, how you make those decisions, the actions you take and who you spend time with.  

The question is do you like who you are becoming or not?   

At this point in my life, I have 253 core beliefs written down and the list is always growing. Some of them will change with time as I grow as a human being. Today I share some of my top core beliefs and values with you. 

You may or may not believe in what I do, but the reality is that it’s truly hard to find anyone in this world who actually believes in the exact same thing you do. But if you are anything like me, then you are willing to listen to other points of view with an open mind.  

This way of processing information affords you a couple things…

The possibility for growth. By replacing old thought paradigms that don’t serve you anymore to your highest good and it creates a space that allows you to question your own way of thinking so you can keep your beliefs finely tuned. 

Your beliefs become your destiny. 

After all we are human-beings. That being said, it’s so crucial to BE you at all times and stand up for what you believe in. It’s what makes you more of the person you are meant to become. And at this time in history you have the opportunity to voice your what you believe in and to be found by people who feel and think the same way as you! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with them, they are waiting for you. 

These are my core beliefs that have taken shape over time. These formulated gradually, like an artist with a hammer chiseling away on a sculpture. The shedding represents the crappy layers that society, our parents and life have thrown at us over time - without us realizing it. 
Through my life’s journey to-date, the good moments, the bad and everything in between have been lessons. Each lesson manifested divinely to put repeating patterns to rest. By believing this wholeheartedly, nothing can shatter my commitment to pursuing my personal legend. I’m in this, 100%.  

Are you? 

I am not here to try and convince you of what ibelieve or even what to think. I am simply sharing with you what ibelieve so that we can find a common thread from which to grow from. For the right people, that will happen. If it doesn’t resonate with you, that’s kool too. I wish everyone a blessed journey.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” - Robert Frost 

ibelieve there is one God who created the whole Universe and everything within it. 

ibelieve that God is Love and that Love is God. If God is everywhere, then Love is everywhere. Since I am created from Love and made of Love, I must therefore have God inside me. I trust in God and the Divine - that everything will be fine! 
BTW this one gets tested all the time! 

ibelieve that my spirit chose this path, my parents and this life. It wants to experience things like, joy, happiness, content, pain, anger, excitement and the whole spectrum of other emotions. 

ibelieve that being connected to Mother Earth will teach you everything you need to know. Because of this - it’s clear to me that the more I learn, the less I know.

ibelieve that we are teachers, students and fellow travellers to those around us and those we interact with. This ever-changing hat can change multiple times within the same conversation. We are all on the same journey, but standing at different spots along the path.

ibelieve that we are here to teach each other how to live a better life based on our own experiences, lesson learned and the knowledge we have in our heads. It is those who have figured this out who have the keys to ultimate freedom. There is no top of the mountain to reach. The freedom is enjoyed along the way with the idea that in less than a hundred years, my time on this planet will come to an end and I will be on my soul’s next journey.

ibelieve that the greatest gift one can receive is awakening to the knowledge that they are not their ego. The ego has it own agenda, but that is also necessary to have at times. 

ibelieve that intuition never lies. If you listen closely, you can live a better life. Another one that gets tested all the time! 

ibelieve in unveiling the mystery of the soul! 

ibelieve that if you take care of yourself first, then you can serve and show up to help others.

ibelieve that emotional wisdom comes from listening to your soul. This is learned through asking those hards questions that only you can answer. And when you do this you raise your vibration and start to become part of a new class of people who are emotionally intelligent and being part of that 1% changes your life and the world. 
ibelieve the most important relationship you need to have is with yourself, and your relationship with others will follows suit. 

ibelieve that I am here on this planet to serve and lift others, while continuing my climb up the divine purpose ladder. I just might be here to serve you? 

ibelieve that what we believe at our core: about ourselves, the people of the world and the world itself, create our life philosophy - whether that be good or bad.

ibelieve that if you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing - then you should seriously ask yourself why. Life is too precious to waste not doing what brings you joy and pleasure with purpose. 

ibelieve that everyone is fighting a battle we can’t see. 

ibelieve that the character of who I am is directly linked to the amount of love and forgiveness I have in my heart - for myself and others.  

ibelieve that if you want true happiness then you have to start pruning away those things that don’t serve you anymore, such as thoughts and people. You can only generate new energy if you’ve created the space for letting go of the past.  

ibelieve we have to give the very thing you want first in order to receive it. Here is another one of those things that gets tested all the time! 

ibelieve that within the 1% of the super wealthy of this planet they are destroying our world for the love of money and power! These people own large corporations that evolve around industries like fossil fuels, banking, pharmaceuticals, processed food companies and of course let’s not forgot most politicians! Mix all that together and you got the perfect weapon of destruction. These are also the people who don’t believe in climate change even though 97% of the world scientist do. 

ibelieve there is a new group of 1%er’s like Elon Musk and Leonardo Dicaprio who are here fighting these forces of evil trying to reverse our climate change and awaken people up to a better way of living and better of health. There are plenty of documentaries that prove what’s happening to our planet and the people on in. But have to make your own conclusion ~ “Before the Flood” or “What the Health” 

ibelieve it's my calling to wake you up from what society is trying to conform you to be - a worker bee and a consumer that thinks happiness comes from buying stuff.   

ibelieve that when you set an intention,(which you are always doing even when you not aware of it) your attention will follow suit and then your energy flows that direction and action takes places. That being said, be mindful of your intentions. Your intentions will not care if they are good or bad, they just do as they’re told by you. I’m sure we were both told on more than one occasion in life: “you should've thought before you acted.”

ibelieve that every day is a fresh start, even when those times it doesn’t feel like it.

ibelieve that life is about having experiences and that is truly pure gold. 

ibelieve that having less is more.
ibelieve that everything you want is just a few conversations away. If your conversation is flowing with God, the Universe and your Higher Self - any conversation you have with others will also flow effortlessly.  

ibelieve that bad habits can be unlearned and replaced with new ones. 

ibelieve in the growth mindset, not a fixed one. 

ibelieve that if you slow down to create something with purpose, it will pay off in dividends bigger than you can imagine.  

ibelieve that done is better than perfect.

ibelieve that happiness is making progress towards something you perceive to be better than where you are now.

ibelieve that going after your personal legend is the main reason you are here on this planet and those that understand that will lead a magical life.

ibelieve that success is a choice.

ibelieve that perseverance is a key to success.

ibelieve that money is a tool. It comes and goes. You can always make more if you choose to. 

ibelieve that if you are deeply connected to your why and purpose, you won't quit on your goals or your personal legend until they are accomplished.

ibelieve that the Universe rewards action even when you don’t know what you're doing. 

ibelieve that you ended up on my website because you’re meant to be here in this very moment.

ibelieve that we might be a good fit for each other if you believe in your dream enough. 

ibelieve you have a purpose on this planet and you are here to serve a group of people, that you will be lifting up while you climbing up to your higher purpose. 

ibelieve you can help those you are here to serve transition from a bystander on their journey - to a paid teacher of authentic living in their field of passion and purpose.  

ibelieve you are the common denominator of everything that happens, the good news is that you can control what you do. 

I pose this question to you…

Are you ready to figure out what you believe in, find out your true purpose and making money doing it? 

It just might be time. 

If you have found value in my core beliefs and could see us spending time together, please click here

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